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Roy Lang's Sea & Sky in Oils

By Roy Lang

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Oil Painting Book If:

  • You want to portray the power of the sea in your oil paintings
  • You love working with oils and want to improve your technique
  • You love learning along with award-winning artist Roy Lang
Discover all the oil painting techniques you'll need to create a dramatic sea scene in Roy Lang's Sea & Sky in Oils. Follow along page after page as Roy covers his preferred materials and shows you how to develop the right palette & mix the right colors for your ocean oil painting.

Through two complete step-by-step painting projects you'll learn how to paint water & air, understand light and discover how to convey mood and atmosphere. If you want to learn how to paint the sea in oil paint, then this book is made for you. Compose strong sea paintings on your own when you follow the tips from Roy Lang in Roy Lang's Sea & Sky in Oils

In Roy Lang's Sea & Sky in Oils You'll Learn:

  • How to accurately portray the sea and sky in oil paints
  • Which materials & colors are right for your selected sea painting
  • Great beginning painting techniques for novice oil painters

Check Out This Excerpt From Roy Lang's Sea & Sky in Oils:

Paints: Oil paints are available in two main types: artists' quality colors and students' quality colors. Artists' quality have a greater concentration of pigment, while students' quality paints substitute cheaper alternative pigments.
Oils became my favorite medium primarily because of the strength of color and texture, and also the ease with which corrections can be made. They can be worked wet into wet over long periods and blended to soften clouds, mists and foam bursts. What I really love about using oils is that you can achieve a real sense of movement in the water by blending the paints.

Brushes: There are a wide range of paint brushes to choose from, and over time you will find the selection that work best for you. My choice includes brushes specifically designed for working in oils, watercolor brushes, acrylic burshes and even a decorator's paint brush!
In particular, I use a 22mm (7/8 in) series 140 goat hair wash brush. This is designed for use with watercolor paints, but I find it very useful for blending oils.

Palette: I use a home-made palette cut out of hard white plastic. Rather than the traditional shape, it is square with the corners rounded off. This gives me plenty of room to mix and store all my colors. Being white, it makes the mixing of dark colors much quicker and easier (the color balance shows against the white palette with the paint is spread thinly).
It is also light to hold, easy to clean and it does not draw the oils out of the paint, meaning that they stay buttery' and easy to use for longer.

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SKU Z1648
Author/Speaker/Editor Roy Lang
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781844480203

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