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Sadie Valeri Indirect Oil Painting DVD + FREE eMagazine

Format: Bundle

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Join award-winning painter Sadie Valeri in an in-depth exploration of her oil painting methods!

In this painting workshop DVD, Sadie Valeri demonstrates her still-life painting techniques. You'll learn the layered, indirect oil painting method she uses to create masterpiece works in the tradition of the Dutch Masters. Sadie's voice-over narration will guide you through the following stages of the painting process:

  • Preparatory line drawing
  • Transfer to wood panel
  • Grisaille/monochrome layers
  • Full color layers

Your painting will benefit from Sadie's clear and articulate instruction and explanation of each step in her painting process. This DVD also includes a materials list and printable handouts with step-by-step drawing and painting instructions.


Plus, for a limited time, order Indirect Oil Painting and receive the Sadie J. Valeri: Lessons From the Classical Atelier eMagazine FREE!

You'll love Sadie J. Valeri: Lessons From the Classical Atelier if:

  • You're interested in using classical methods to create realistic drawings and paintings
  • You want step-by-step demonstrations for both figures and still lifes
  • You're looking for tips on essential materials and getting the most from your art-making tools

This eMagazine, presented by The Artist's Magazine, brings lessons in drawing and painting from artist Sadie J. Valeri. Inspired by the tenets of classical instruction, the artist stresses the importance of drawing when creating both still lifes and figures and illustrates these points with multiple demonstrations.

Order Indirect Oil Painting today and enjoy the bonus Sadie J. Valeri: Lessons From the Classical Atelier eMagazine FREE with your purchase!

Watch a preview of Indirect Oil Painting now:

Run time: 3 hours
Format: DVD + Blu-ray (case contains 2 disks: DVD and Blu-ray)

Hear what others are saying about Indirect Oil Painting:

“The quality of the production is gorgeous and your commentary and teaching instructions are an interesting combination of clear, specific, demanding, and reassuring. It really worked for me to be painting while I had it on because my tendency is to speed things up in the interest of finishing a painting and with your images and instructions in front of me, I felt greatly slowed down and much more confident that I could achieve my goals for the day. I also really appreciated your rationale for such a rigorous approach to your work - it makes perfect sense to nail all the tiny concepts and techniques in order to produce freer work later on.” —Sarah Meredith


“A must have for aspiring artists! I just finished watching Sadie Valeri’s new video entitled ‘Indirect Oil Painting’. It is one of the best instructional videos pertaining to the ‘layered’ or ‘indirect’ oil painting approach I have seen. This video walks you through the initial stages of drawing and planning the composition of a still life, to the final details. It is well paced and easy to follow.Sadie was gracious to share her wisdom and years of experience in this 3 hour film. Beginner and experienced painters alike will find this video indispensable.” —Thomas Kegler


“I’m a professional oil painter who has watched many art instruction DVDs over the years and this one is by far the best. I especially appreciated the time taken to demonstrate the drawing phase. Very helpful and encouraging. (I thought I was the only one who had to correct and correct to get it right.) The DVD is beautifully photographed where one can clearly see the process. There are no irritating camera jumps from the canvas to the palette as is often seen on other art demos. The commentary is clear and informative. I got a lot out of it and will watch again whenever I am in need of inspiration.” —Sandra Power

SKU T4665-T4510-BUNDLE
Format Bundle

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