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Sessions with Colored Pencil Masters (Home Study Course)

Part One

By Sandra McFall Angelo

Format: Bundle

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Master Colored Pencil in DAYS instead of DECADES!

3 Workbooks and 2 Companion DVDS Include:

  • Step by step projects that help you master colored pencil drawing techniques
  • Methods and materials of the Masters
  • Tips, tricks and shortcuts from colored pencil Masters
  • Stunning colored pencil pieces from Top Ten Colored Pencil Masters
  • What motivates the muse?
  • How to turn ordinary photos, objects and experiences to award winning Masterpieces
  • Time saving colored pencil techniques
  • DVD Demos by Masters David Dooley and Sandra Angelo

You'll Love This Colored Pencil Home Study Course If:

  • You want to take a drawing course in the comfort of your own home
  • You love drawing & want to learn more tips for working with colored pencils
  • You want to study colored pencil drawing with Sandra Angelo and other TOP Colored Pencil Masters
  • You want to shorten your learning curve by discovering tips, tricks and shortcuts that dramatically improve your art... FAST!

  • Book One: Masters' Secrets: Colored Pencil Methods and Materials

Starting with basic colored pencil techniques & colored pencil drawing demonstrations, this Home Study Course reveal a wide range of insider methods of the Masters that help you produce stunning results. Save years of agony and mistakes by discovering secret drawing tips that help you choose the best methods and materials for your project. Using the right materials can spell the difference between success and disappointing failure.

  • Book Two: How to Turn Moments into Masterpieces - Top Masters Reveal How to Transform Ordinary Photos, Objects and Experiences into Award Winning Art

Sandra Angelo interviews some of the nation's top colored pencil Masters to find out where they get their inspiration and how they create award winning art. The versatility of the common colored pencil will surprise and inspire you. Masters reveal the surface they work on and their preferred pencil brands as well as tips that will inspire you to create great colored pencil art too. You will come away with a greater understanding of how to take ordinary photos, objects or life experiences and turn them into Award Winning Art!

  • Book Three: Grisaille Methods Part One - Two Workshop Projects with Masters Sandra Angelo and David Dooley

In Book Three, find an introduction that reveals the inspiration behind the muse, allowing you to grasp where these two Masters get their inspiration so you can uncover your muse too! Then two step by step projects in Book 3 will teach you revolutionary new methods that Angelo and Dooley invented for working with the colored pencil. Follow along in your workbook and DVD as they show you how to master colored pencil in days instead of decades.

In Project #1 Reverse Grisaille with Master David Dooley

You'll Learn :

  • How to use Reverse Grisaille to create a brighter hue on a colored ground
  • How to create drama on black paper
  • Where ideas and inspiration come from
  • How to avoid the shoulder stress caused by burnishing by using a gentler stroke and under painting
  • Tips for equine art

With work in corporate and private collections nationwide, Dooley is revered as one of the founding forefathers of the colored pencil medium. By inventing all sorts of insider secrets for working with the common colored pencil, Dooley has elevated his humble medium to museum quality art that is in high demand by collectors. In this course the Master pulls back the curtain and reveals one of his a secret time saving methods that he developed to speed up the drawing process and produce dramatic results... all without the shoulder and wrist pain caused by burnishing.

The revolutionary reverse grisaille method produces vivid hues on any colored surface. and combines the brightness you normally see from a white paper, with the speed and color harmony that comes from working on a colored ground.

    • With step by step demos in your workbook and DVD, Dooley guides you toward success on this seemingly complicated project that turns out to be easy enough even for an absolute beginner.
    • Dooley provides you with the contour line drawing, and a list of pencils, papers and materials you will need for the project so that you will get the same results he is describing. Everyone is shocked to find that their project ends up looking just like the Master's and at the same time, they walk away with a new found knowledge about how to work with the friendly colored pencil.

In Project #2 with Master Sandra Angelo
You'll Learn :

  • How to use grisaille for greater volume and depth
  • How to combine grisaille with underpainting techniques
  • How to create a collage of colored grounds (on white paper) to speed up your drawing time
  • Where ideas and inspiration come from
  • How to draw a kitten's fur
  • How to draw an old boot
  • How to use the dusting method that Sandra Angelo invented

Executive Director for 10 International Colored Pencil Symposium, Sandra Angelo knows all the Masters' secrets and a slew of methods she invented herself.

In this project she pulls back the curtain and reveals ways to combine two time saving techniques for more powerful results.

  • Sandra provides you with a line drawing for the project as well as a list of the pencils, paper and other materials you will need to succeed.
  • With super simple step by step instructions in your workbook and companion DVD, you'll find this seemingly complicated colored pencil drawing project to be so simple that even a beginner can succeed.

Sandra Angelo is a renowned expert at working with the novice and her ability to simplify the drawing process allows absolutely anyone to master colored pencl in days instead of decades.

Sessions with Colored Pencil Masters DVDS:

DVD One: Colored Pencil Secrets: Masters Methods and Materials

  • Insider methods of top Masters
  • Secret shortcuts that save time
  • Materials overview - Masters' recommendations for pencils, papers and other materials that produce stunning results.

DVD Two: Colored Pencil Secrets: Two Workshop Projects with Masters Sandra Angelo and David Dooley

  • Workshop Project Instructions - David Dooley: Reverse Grisaille Method
  • Workshop Project Instructions - Sandra Angelo: Combining Grisaille with Underpainting
SKU U5111
Author/Speaker/Editor Sandra McFall Angelo
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