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Simplifying Design and Color for Artists

Positive Results Using Negative Painting Techniques

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You’ll Love This Painting Guide If:

  • You learn well from step-by-step painting instruction
  • You’re an admirer of both watercolor and acrylic mediums
  • You want to learn design basics for painting with a focus on shape, space, and color

In Simplifying Design & Color for Artists, Linda Kemp seeks to help you think like a designer and colorist, sharing negative painting techniques to encourage thinking outside the box when it comes to mastering basic painting concepts. Learn how to plan out your projects to ensure you have control over the directions they take in your painting, and utilize shapes, lines, and movements to add interest to your designs. Take advantage of color theory basics while mixing colors to avoid frustration and make the right decisions when choosing which colors to use in your work—paint by hue, value, and intensity. Free yourself of composition constraints and try working from basics shapes rather than drawing images before putting the brush to canvas. Build on all these basics and more to develop a holistic view of your creations and get a better sense of how to go forward with each step in the process.

Effectively create depth, dimension, texture and more in your watercolor and acrylic paintings with Linda Kemp’s guidance in Simplifying Design & Color for Artists. Not only will the projects in this book help you learn design, color, and painting basics, but they will also encourage you to apply these fundamentals to your future creations in order to build upon and improve your expertise.

In Simplifying Design & Color for Artists You’ll Find:

  • 18 step-by-step projects in watercolor and acrylic intended to help you practice and perfect the painting techniques you’ll learn in this book
  • A chapter that addresses frequently asked questions about painting problems
  • Tips and techniques for effectively developing the relationship between shape, space, and color in your art

About Linda Kemp:

Linda Kemp is internationally recognized for her unique contemporary watercolors and acrylics which incorporate her innovative use of negative painting. She is the author of Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines and a presenter in numerous instructional art videos and online forums. She is also a contributing writer and demonstrator in six other books. Her paintings and articles have been featured in publications such as Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, Watercolor Magic, International Artist, Watermedia Focus, Palette Magazine and The Watercolour Gazette.

SKU GROUP-U0770-U0776
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