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Sketchbook Confidential 2

Enter the Secret Worlds of 41 Master Artists

By Editors of North Light Books

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You'll Love This Book of Artist Profiles If:

  • You want to learn about the processes of more than 40 professional artists
  • You gain inspiration from the artistic work of others
  • You want to see how drawing & sketching inform the artistic process
In Sketchbook Confidential 2 you'll hear from more than 41 masterful artists such as Virgil Ortiz, Mark E. Mehaffey, Grant Fuller, Angela R. Sasser and Nita Leland. Great for art students, teachters, aspiring artists and art aficionados alike this book is a trusted reference for those looking to create and live a more artistic life. Hear about how these artists approach drawing & sketching whether it's their favorite medium or a stepping stone to their final results.

In Sketchbook Confidential 2 You'll:

  • See completed works in a variety of media
  • Interviews with artists about drawing & sketching
  • Examples of artists' sketches & preliminary drawings

Check out An Excerpt From Sketchbook Confidential 2 Featuring Joe Anna Arnett:

A drawing is a rich thing, a romantic thing, a personal thing. When I see something I like, I start the drawing before I take the record photograph. The photo diminishes. The drawing lifts up. Things that are ordinary, plain and common can become heroic when you devote some of your time and your passion to them. Give me a tumbling-down bard over a chateau any day. A tall, thin, perfect model is not half as interesting as a person who has their life written in their face. There's real beauty there. Sketching forces you to truly see.

If I see something that I think could develop into a painting, I want to get something down about it. If there is no time to paint, or perhaps, no opportunity, the drawing is more valuable to me than a photograph. A photo is a good reference for content and details, but it can't record your idea or the way you feel about something. A photo just reports. So often, I have photographed something, thinking that it could be a wonderful subject. Later, looking at the photo, I wonder what I was thinking. Why did I bother? That is never the case with a drawing.

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Additional Feature 200 Color Illustrations
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