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Sketching in Perspective

By Carl Dalio

Format: DVD

SKU# U2412

If youve ever had trouble with perspective, this is the workshop for you. Watercolorist Carl Dalio presents the theories and application of perspective drawing in a way suited for artists. His techniques for spacing, orientation, and measuring distances rely on logic and intuition, rather than mathematical formulas. Carl presents eight lessons on perspective and composition, each featuring an easy-to-follow exercise. Carl establishes the basic principles with a sketch of a country house. He explains how to recognize vanishing points, a skill that forms the foundation for the rest of the workshop. He then demonstrates one, two and three-point perspective, illustrating the advantages and pitfalls of each. Using a simple, one-story building, he establishes a system that can be used for equal spacing of any set of objects: fence posts, cars, clouds or people. Next, Carl demonstrates how to draw proportional figures from eye-level and an elevated vantage point. He introduces time-saving methods for populating landscapes and applies his techniques to larger landscapes. Carl concludes with principles for composing sketches for paintings. He selects intriguing shapes from his reference material, determines dominant values, and edits major elements to suit his design sensibilities. This video includes bonus features on painting figures in landscape and selecting colors.

SKU U2412
Author/Speaker/Editor Carl Dalio
Shipping This product ships from Creative Catalyst Productions
File/Trim Size 5.5 x 7.5
Format DVD
Runtime 83 minutes

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This product ships from Creative Catalyst Productions

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