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Splash 11-New Directions

The Best of Watercolor

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You will love this watercolor book if:

  • You are a fan of the Splash Series
  • You have a passion for watercolor and are looking to find new inspiration
  • You enjoy hearing from artists about their processes

Discover the new directions watercolor can take you in the eleventh edition of Splash. Celebrate the spirit of experimentation or the whim watercolor itself as it leads artists outside their comfort zone, or the pleasure of taking a new direction and something wonderful happens. Explore the paths a variety of artists have taken in their own exploration of watercolor.

In Splash 11: New Directions You Will Find:

  • 126 artists representing the best of watercolor paintings today
  • Insight to the path and direction the artist took to create their painting
  • Beautiful full-color images of inspiring watercolor artwork
  • 144 pages of delightful paintings in a variety of subject matter

From the editor Rachel Rubin Wolf

“In the twenty years since the publication of Splash 1 in January of 1991, Splash has become a central watercolor gathering place. Here we can share the never-ending wonder and delight of watercolor together. Here we can inspire and challenge one another to press on, not just in watercolor painting but in life-finding the joy, beauty and love present in our lives, no matter what unexpected or difficult twists and turns we find ourselves navigating.
And as with our lives, Splash 11 is celebrating new directions. We recognize that we are in a new millennium, with new technology and new ideas coming at us from all corners of the globe. It is hard to keep up. Yet our new directions are solidly rooted in old, tried-and-true traditions of art and excellence. Many of the new directions the contributing artists generously share with us on these pages grow directly out of real events and stages in their lives.”

About Rachel Rubin Wolf

Rachel Rubin Wolf is a freelance editor and artist. She had edited and written many fine art books for North Light Books, including Watercolor Secrets; the Splash: The Best of Watercolor series; the Strokes of Genius: Best of Drawing series; The Best of Wildlife Art (editions 1 and 2); The Best of Portrait Painting; Best of Flower Painting 2; The Acrylic Painter’s Book of Styles and Techniques; Painting Ships, Shores and the Sea; and Painting the Many Moods of Light. She also has acquired numerous fi ne art book projects for North Light Books and has contributed to magazines such as Plein Air Magazine.


Natural World
Things We Make
World of Still Life
Place We Go
World of Imagination
People and Pastimes
Birds and Other Friends

SKU Y0853
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