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Splash 12 The Best of Watercolor Digital Download

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love this Digital Watercolor Art Anthology Book If:

  • You love discovering new inspiration in new & interesting places
  • You want to hear about the creative process from artistic experts
  • You want to create your own artistic voice or just enjoy some great art

Splash 12 is the latest in a series that is known in the art world as a top showcase of contemporary watercolor art. Now you can have all the same great art and advice from the artists themselves in a convenient digital format. This pdf version includes bold, high resolution images as well as insightful commentary. Splash 12 carries the theme of artistic vision, and the 120 featured artists discuss how they seize upon a moment of vision, create an emotional tone and add their own personal interpretations.

Artistic vision is something that every painter must develop. Using watercolor paints, these artist show just how vital it is. Each year you can be sure to find amazing art and inspirational content with the Splash series.

Check Out An Excerpt from Splash 12 As Zhou Tianya Discusses Her Piece "The Light From the Heaven":

"For this painting I used a unique technique that I call "washing off," which allows me to achieve the effects of rich, strong darks that still breathe. I wet the paper on which a detailed sketch has been made, and apply a thin layer of paint to the whole picture wet-into-wet. When it dries, I apply a thick layer of paint to all the details (dry-into-dry), but preserve light areas. The layer of paint is so thick that it covers all the pores of the paper and the colors lose their transparency. After it dries, I spray a mist of water and gently wash off the paint with a soft brush to reveal the tooth of the paper without removing all the paint. This thick paint application and washing-off process is repeated several times until the colors become rich and strong but remain translucent, and the paper texture is also preserved. Finally, here, I applied a light layer of white oil pastel to accent the paper texture where it was less visible. The result is a painting that shows the sky light from an unrevealed opening, seeming to reveal a hidden message about our existence in which we praise the fortitude of life, and we sigh for its fragility."

In the Digital Download of Splash 12 You'll Discover:

  • Features from more than 100 top watercolor artists working today
  • Advice from those same artists about encouraging the viewer to slow down & enjoy art
  • Insights into bringing artistic vision into focus using watercolor from the featured artists

Here are Just a Few Artist's Interpretation of Artistic Vision:

" For me the joy of painting is to see beauty in the ordinary and create enriched fragments of life which might never be seen except through the eye of the artist." — Geraldine McKeown
"Stay in touch with the artist within by asking I wonder what would happen if? And your paintings will flow out." — Patricia Schmidt
SKU W6690
Additional Feature 110 Color Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Rachel Rubin Wolf
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440319181

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