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Splash Retrospective

20 Years of Contemporary Watercolor Excellence

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

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You’ll Love This If:

  • You’re a collector of Splash
  • You’re a watercolor painter or enthusiast
  • You enjoy hearing from artists about their process

Splash Retrospective brings you 20 years of contemporary watercolor excellence with more than 230 gorgeous, professional watercolor images gathered in one huge hardcover compilation. This is a must-have for any Splash collector. Enjoy chapters on watercolor still life paintings, watercolor portraits,watercolor landscapes, paintings of animals, watercolor flowers, figures, abstract watercolor paintings, machines, interiors, city scenes, water scenes, and more!

Artists will enjoy hundreds of watercolor paintings presented in this collection in a variety of watercolor styles, plus reading about tips and techniques from the painters.

From the Editor:

“It had to happen! The Best of the Best of Watercolor. Working on Splash for so many years (since 1990!), I have viewed countless images of watercolors. A few have stuck in my mind. I have to wonder, What is it about these particular paintings that burned such strong images in my brain?

One attribute that counts a lot in my book is originality. Originality is another word for simply being true to oneself—allowing one’s inner voice to speak rather than adjusting one’s voice for public acceptance.

It was truly difficult to select most of the artwork for this book. There are literally hundreds of terrific images from the first thirteen volumes of Splash. I relied mainly on my intuition and the inner “Wow” that came up automatically when re-viewing art I hadn’t seen in a while. These are each very different from each other, both in subject and in style, yet each produces in me a strongly involved reaction that makes me want to linger at, almost enter into, the painting. These are the ones that have occupied some of my neurons for all these years.

As we, the Splash community, continue to share our love for watercolor and beauty, I hope you find this collection inspiring.”

Hear from some of the artists featured in Splash Retrospective:

“Working on a grand scale in watercolor has allowed me to take a medium that is sometimes considered fussy and weak and show it capable of making a bold statement. In recent years I have concentrated on adding high-intensity color, strong light and an unusual perspective to my paintings of everyday objects, figures and flowers” —Nava Grunfeld

“I love painting urban scenes because of the organizational challenge it presents. The more complex the subject, the better…My hope is to transfer to the viewer the same emotional impact and intrigue that continues to draw me to the urban scene.” —John Salminen

“When the light is just right, ‘ordinary’ becomes ‘breathtaking’ as the shadows that are created by strong light give a quality of life to objects that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This quality of light reveals the three contrasts with which I love to work.” —Judy Morris

About the Editor:

Rachel Rubin Wolf is a freelance editor and artist, and has edited 30+ North Light Books, recently Splash 12 and 13 and Strokes of Genius 4. She also writes for Plein Air magazine. Visit the Splash website at for more information.

SKU GROUP-U6496-U6499
Author/Speaker/Editor Rachel Rubin Wolf
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