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Start Sketching and Drawing Now

Simple techniques for drawing landscapes, people and objects

By Grant Fuller

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Drawing Technique Book If:

  • You love to draw in colored pencils, graphite, pen and ink, pastels and charcoal
  • You want to improve your own drawing with professional drawing lessons
  • You're a beginning artist & want to create a solid foundation for your drawing career
Fulfill your drawing dreams with the top sketching and drawing techniques from Grant Fuller in Start Sketching and Drawing Now. Step-by-step Grant takes you through more than 30 drawing demonstrations and lessons. These easy and fun techniques will help you see the world like an artist & show you how to draw what you see. Demonstrations include landscapes, people, animals and still life. Start your very own drawing adventure starting with basic drawing techniques advancing to more complicated lessons.

Discover how to sketch along with Grant Fuller and train your eyes to see the world like an artist in this drawing book.

Learn how to draw textures, tone, depth & distance with Start Sketching and Drawing Now.

In Start Sketching and Drawing Now You'll Learn:

  • Drawing techniques for creating hard and soft lines with graphite
  • How to avoid smuding in your drawing & create realistic shading
  • How to scale a drawing with a grid
  • Great tips & techniques for drawing outdoors
  • Important lessons for drawing and sketching facial anatomy, facial feature contours, complete figures and gestures

A Word From the Author:

Although I have had an affinity for drawing since the age of four, I did not become accomplished until much later in life. I never saw another person draw well until I reached art school and even then, it was limited to brief glances over someone's shoulder. Drawing instruction in those days was more verbal that visual.

After four years of art school, I was able to get work as a commercial artist. It was only then that I began to get the type of hands-on direction I needed to improve my drawing skills. Without proper instruction, natural talent will struggle and all too often fade, giving way to other pressures in life. But my opportunity to work closesly with professional artists and receve personal demonstrations made all the difference in the quality of my own work. — Grant Fuller

Check Out This Excerpt From Start Sketching and Drawing Now:

Facial Anatomy Simplified
Use this simplified version of facial anatomy to aid in establishing good proportions.

  • The eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the chin.
  • The center of the upper lip is halfway between the eyes and the chin.
  • The width of the mouth is the same as the distance between the pupils.
  • A horizontal like drawin through the center of the eyes should be parallel to a line drawn through the center of the mouth. Otherwise the face will be twited and distorted.
Use this as a norm, and look for variations when drawing a specific portrait. For example, is your subject's nose longer than the average or shorter? Is the mouth wider or narrow?

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SKU Y0774
Additional Feature 360 Black & White Illustrations, 40 Color Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Grant Fuller
File/Trim Size 8.25''w x 10.875''h
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440309298
Number Of Pages 128

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