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Steampunk Emporium

Creating Fantastical Jewelry, Devices and Oddments from Assorted Cogs, Gears and Curios

By Jema Emilly Ladybird Hewitt

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Steampunk Book If:

  • You want to make exciting, intricate & steampunk jewelry pieces & accessories
  • You want to learn basic jewelry making techniques step by step
  • You love the steampunk style and you want to discover more about this exciting world

Explore the rich charm and harrowing adventures of the steampunk world with this book filled with jewelry making projects. Bring modern technology together with Victorian charm and express your own personal style. Learn how to make steampunk jewelrywith versatile basic jewelry making techniques and how to work with basic materials such as resin, shrink-wrap and polymer clay. Author Jema "Miss Emilly Ladybird" Hewitt shares her love of steampunk and her jewelry making expertise with 20 vintage, whimsical designs.

With step-by-step and detailed images you can see exactly how to achieve the same results. Meticulous instruction makes creating each piece clear and simple. The five themed chapters feature a fantastical story, helpful tips and great techniques for creating authentic steampunk necklaces, pendants, wine charms, a chatelaine, brooch, fob watch, bracelets, cufflinks, ring, cravat pin, and much more. Add steampunk flair to your art, your life & your style today with Steampunk Emporium.

In Steampunk Emporium You’ll Learn:

  • How to make steampunk jewelry and other enticing device such as wine charms and even metals of distinction
  • How to make vintage-inspired jewelry using mixed media techniques and materials such as polymer clay and found objects
  • Basic jewelry making techniques such as wire wraps and using basic findings and more to add steampunk flair to your jewelry projects

Check Out This Excerpt From Steampunk Emporium:

How to Make Molds

You can make your polymer clay take any shape you desire by making a mold for it. You can choose almost any object to make a mold from, but I recommend starting simple until you get the hang of popping the object from the mold. Great objects to begin with include shells, beads and pendants, keys and other objects that are easy to press in and remove. Molds can be made in two forms: hard and soft.

To make a hard mold, condition enough polymer clay to have about twice the volume of the object to be molded. Roll it into a ball and flatten it slightly. Spray the clay with water (to aid in release) and press the object firmly in. Gently pull the item out again, being careful not to distort the mold. Bake the mold according to the manufacturer’s instructions and allow it to cool before using.

Soft molds are made most easily using a two-part silicone modeling putty (often sold in places that supply silver clay). This method is best for delicate pieces or for those pieces with undercuts, which will benefit from the mold flexing to enable release. Simply mix equal parts of the compound together until they are fully blended. Press your objects into it and wait until the compound has completely set to a slightly firmer but still rubbery form. Pop the object from the mold, and the mold is now ready to be used.

A Word From the Author:

"Steampunk, at its most basic, is Victorian-style science fiction. As a genre it covers books, art, music, films, clothing and jewelry, all bound together by a fantastical yet historical premise: that the world, instead of discovering electricity and silicone chips, continues to be paused in the 1800s, powered by steam and clockwork. What might have happened if Victorian inventor Charles Babbage had finished his mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine (which can still be seen in London’s Science Museum today)? What if the earth really was hollow with another world inside, and the only way to it was by a steam-powered mole machine? What if it was possible to sail the aether winds in a pressurized airship to alien-inhabited planets?" — Jema Emilly Ladybird Hewitt

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SKU Z8074
Additional Feature 300 Color Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Jema Emilly Ladybird Hewitt
File/Trim Size 8 x 10
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440308383
Number Of Pages 128

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