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Strokes of Genius 2 eBook Bundle


Get all 6 chapters from Strokes of Genius 2 for a new low price when you download them all together!

Learn more about each chapter included in this collection:

The digital download of Chapter 1 from Strokes of Genius 2 includes great drawings of people. Portrait art featured in this PDF includes works of different ages, genders and races. This collection features great tips and insights into the creative process from artists that created them. These drawings of people allow you to study facial features, composition and lighting, and gain inspiration instantly.

In Chapter 2, you’ll enjoy a selection of memorable cityscapes. Hear from the featured artists as they share insights into their artistic process, tips for capturing the spirit of cities and techniques used by the artists to translate their vision to the paper or canvas. These memorable drawings feature drawings of cities around the world and include great drawings of buildings. Get a close-up look at each image today!

Chapter 3 from Strokes of Genius 2 features one of the most beloved subjects in the world—animals! This digital download allows you to instantly access these inspirational and memorable drawings of animals. This chapter features drawings of animals in a variety of mediums and features pieces from top working artists today. These realistic drawings of animals capture the power of image and light. This chapter also features advice, tips, techniques or artistic musings from the featured artists, providing you with an insight into the artist’s mind.

In Chapter 4 from Strokes of Genius 2 you'll get insight into the artistic process of many artists as they share their favorite human figure drawings. A variety of subjects and a variety of medium make this a great selection of art pieces and a fun source of inspiration. Whether you just enjoy great human figure art or want to study these compositions for use in your own work, this chapter has something for you. The expressive and beautiful drawings of clothed and nude subjects featured here all focus on the theme of the power of light and shadow.

The digital download of Chapter 5 from Strokes of Genius 2 gives you instant access to beautiful, diverse and expressive drawings of landscapes. Enjoy great selections and hear tips and advice from the featured artists as they discuss how they create landscape art. Hear about the techniques the artists used in order to bring their creative vision to life. Focusing on the power of light and shadow, pieces featured include landscape drawings of a variety of climates and seasons. Take a closer look at these great pieces, get new inspiration and hear from fellow artists with Strokes of Genius 2: Chapter 5, Landscapes.

Chapter 6 of the Strokes of Genius 2 features still life art. When you download this PDF you'll get instant access to great images and various subjects as well as tips and advice from artists as they discuss "What is Still Life in Art?". See great examples of still life in art with drawings in the second edition of the Strokes of Genius series. This installment focuses on the power of light and shadow and features a variety of styles and subjects. Find new inspiration and enjoy the work of fellow artists with this great chapter from Strokes of Genius 2


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