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Strokes of Genius 2: Chapter 4, The Human Figure Digital Download

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

Format: Download

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You’ll Love This Human Figure Art Book Download If:

  • You love drawings of the human figure & are looking for new inspiration
  • You want to enjoy great art while hearing tips & advice from the featured artist
  • You want instant access to fun examples of human figure drawings you can examine up close

In this digital downloadable chapter from Strokes of Genius you'll get insight into the artistic process of many artists as they share their favorite human figure drawings. A variety of subjects and a variety of medium make this a great selection of art pieces and a fun source of inspiration.

Whether you just enjoy great human figure art or want to study these compositions for use in your own work, this pdf download has something for you. The expressive and beautiful drawings of clothed and nude still life subjects featured here all focus on the theme of the power of light and shadow.

Features of the Strokes of Genius 2: Chapter 4, The Human Figure Digital Download Include:

  • Examples of human figure drawings with both clothed and nude models
  • Insights from artists as they discuss the theme of this issue—the power of light and shadow
  • Images of single models as well as groups for a variety of compositions

Check Out This Tip From Strokes of Genius 2: Chapter 4, The Human Figure:

Keep Highest Contrasts Near Your Focal Point
This artwork is about the fascination of watching a child sleeping, totally vulnerable and confident. I decided to keep the drawing in low key, although I wanted to have a few spots of perfect white. I massed the values to obtain a balanced composition, keeping the highest contrasts near my focal point, the baby's face. Then I worked mostly by big masses, refining more and more the small shapes, using a lot of stomp, chamois and kneaded eraser. During the process, it became clear which edges needed to be very soft and where to keep some line works.—Marina Dieul

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SKU Z7572
Author/Speaker/Editor Rachel Rubin Wolf
File/Trim Size 3 MB
File Type PDF
Format Download
ISBN 13 9781440306686
Special Requirements Requires Adobe Reader.

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