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Strokes of Genius 5 – The Best of Drawing

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

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You’ll Love This If:

  • You collect the Strokes of Genius series
  • You love learning about other artists’ processes
  • You enjoy drawings with strong composition

“Impressionist artist Pierre Bonnard taught, in agreement with a long art tradition, that drawing is the foundation of art. But he is also quoted as saying, ‘And after drawing comes composition. A well-composed painting is half done.’ In other words, once the composition is well established, all that’s needed is to add the details.

However, it is also said, ‘Before you compose your picture it’s a good idea to ask yourself why you’re doing it.’ Many of the artists in this book have voiced the same thought: The foundation of good composition is a good story. Whichever side one emphasizes, all would agree with Olga Nielsen that ‘Good composition gives emotional impact to a drawing.’

We hope you are impacted by our fifth volume of Strokes of Genius and find a lot of tips for composing your own work along the way.” —Rachel Rubin Wolf, editor

This fifth volume in the beautiful Strokes of Genius series emphasizes design and composition, and features 120 drawings in charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, and more. The pieces featured in this volume were hand-selected from thousands of entrants and capture a wide variety of stories told through composition.

In Strokes of Genius 5, you’ll find:

  • Beautifully rendered landscape drawings featuring wooded forests, water scenes, and depictions of the seasons, all with strong compositions brought to life with the skillful use of line
  • Dynamic figure drawings that tell a story through the artist’s choice of pose, whether candid or planned, and the surroundings of the figure
  • Urban compositions featuring busy city scenes, grand architecture, and urban settings with dynamic portrayals of mood and lighting
  • Fair fauna drawings highlighting the majesty of nature by depicting both close-up images of animals and distanced scenes of the wild
  • Compelling still-life compositions filled with unique and unusual objects, or every-day objects from unique and unusual vantage points.
  • Portrait drawings that capture the personality of the subject through the use of subtle details, bright highlights, and rich shadows

Explore vivid photos of each of the 120 drawings in this volume, plus find tips and quotes from each of the contributing artists about their drawing. You’ll benefit from the advice of 91 skilled artists in a wide variety of media and enjoy their unique designs and compositions.

Hear from Strokes of Genius 5 contributors:

“For me it’s all in the details and the texture. From an early age, I was nearly obsessive about including everything I saw in my drawings—whether it was from direct observation or from my imagination. Now I seek to channel that inclination into developing interesting compositions that lure the eye. Nature is virtually infinite in its grandeur and minutiae. I like to focus on the latter, which is often overlooked.” —Gerald Smith

“Because beauty is hidden, always try several croppings, including extreme ones. This is my secret to discovering interesting pictures.” —Nao Motomatsu

“Composition is intuitive. I move things around until I hear the Yes, that’s it! I like the rules (after the fact) for helping me to understand why my composition works.” —Debra Zamperla

“An open, graphic, even extreme composition can be desirable when designing a monochromatic work. It can help hold the viewer’s attention without the use of color.” —Ray C. Brown, Jr.

About the Author:

Rachel Rubin Wolf is a freelance editor and artist, and has edited 30+ North Light Books, recently Splash 12 and 13 and the upcoming Strokes of Genius 4. She's a former employee of F+W Media and continues to freelance with the company. She also writes for Plein Air magazine. Visit the Splash website at for more information.

SKU GROUP-V7635-V7637
Author/Speaker/Editor Rachel Rubin Wolf
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