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Successful Pastel Portraits with Alain Picard Value Pack

Format: Kit

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Save over 30% on this comprehensive collection of resources for pastel artists!

Join artist and expert Alain Picard in a thorough exploration of pastel portrait painting. This collection includes Alain’s three workshop DVDs, his skin tone chart brochure, a Terry Ludwig pastel set exclusive to this collection, a signed print from Alain, and an article with pastel portrait pointers!

Learn more about the resources included in this collection:

Essential Techniques for Pastel Portraits with Alain Picard

Alain gives you the tools you need for success as he paints a portrait from a photo, step by step, using soft and hard chalk pastels. With lighting tips to define drama and mood, drawing tips and tools that help you assess relationships of proportion and scale, design and edge tools that lead the eye through the painting and refining tools for subtleties that bring your work to life, Alain shows you how to paint portraits and fills your visual toolbox to equip you for success.
Retail: $29.99

Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits with Alain Picard

In this pastel painting workshop, you’ll learn how to paint the portrait of a young girl using a loose approach inspired by master portraitists such as Sorolla. You’ll learn how to work from a photographic reference to create the composition and use layers of color to build up the face and background, starting with simplified shapes. You’ll learn how to match the colors of the skin, both the true colors and highlight and shadows created by the lighting of the setting, and how to convey curly hair without drawing each strand individually.
Retail: $29.99

Painting Skin Tones in Pastel with Alain Picard

In this video, you’ll learn how to paint six different skin tones using chalk pastels. You learn about using color charts and concepts of hue, shade and tone to set up a pastel palette in a variety of colors and pastel types. Then, follow along with Alain to create a chart for each skin tone, ranging from pale skin to dark brown or black, containing nine different shades in a range of cool, neutral and warm. On the way, you’ll also learn how to apply the chart to your portraits so that creating realistic skin tones in pastel Retail: $29.99

Skin Tone Charts

Create lifelike pastel portrait paintings with perfect skin tones using this simple trifold chart that compliments Alain’s pastel portrait DVDs. Learn how warm, cool, and neutral tones play a role in your paintings and how to incorporate many colors into your portraits to achieve stunning results.
Retail: $4.50

Terry Ludwig Pastel Set

Exclusive to this kit! Order today and receive Alain’s portrait palette pastel set. It includes the 14 shades that Alain uses the most in his portraits and was specially crafted for this limited-quantity collection.
Retail: $58.00


Bring inspiration into your studio with this signed print of Glimmer by Alain Picard! This portrait is featured on the cover of Alain’s Pastel Techniques for Painterly Portraits workshop DVD—and now it can be featured in your own collection!
Retail: $30.00

Fleshing it Out

Originally featured in Pastel Journal October 2013, this article from Alain Picard will teach you essentials for painting skin tones accurately in pastel. You’ll benefit from a color overview, skin tone considerations, discussion of the pastel portrait palette, and more!
Retail: $3.00

Quantities of this pastel portrait collection are very limited—order yours today!

SKU T6344
Format Kit

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