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Terry Harrison's Watercolor Flowers

By Terry Harrison

Format: Paperback

SKU# Z0512

You'll Love This Watercolor Flower Painting Book If:

  • You love painting flowers & want to explore watercolor
  • You want to pick up new tricks for creating realistic blooms
  • You want to add new life to your landscapes with flowers
Terry Harrison is an expert artist & author and in this watercolor painting book she will share with you her favorite basic flower painting techniques & even some more unusual techniques! Using these simple & easy steps you can add colors & life to your landscape or still life. In addition to techniques & tricks for painting watercolor flowers you'll also get a series of step by step watercolor painting demonstrations such as rose doorway, a floral stream, farm poppies and bluebell wood.

Learn fun new ways to paint bluebells, daisies, foxgloves, tulips, poppies & roses with Terry Harrison!

In Terry Harrison's Watercolor Flowers You'll Learn:

  • How to mix & create a great floral palette
  • Basic & unusual techniques for painting flowers in watercolor
  • How & when to use masking fluid

Check Out How These Painting Tool Definitions From the Pages of Terry Harrison Watercolor Flowers:
Masking Fluid: Masking fluid is a liquid latex which is used to protect your paper from the watercolour. This is sometimes called resist, and I use it extensively when painting flowers to ensure that I get a fresh colour on a white background.
Masking Fluid Brush: This is simply an inexpensive nylon brush used to apply masking fluid to a painting. You can substitute an old brush for this job if you prefer.
Masking Tape: Masking tape secures your watercolour paper to a drawing board, and also can be used as a mask and a border for a painting. When you finish your painting, remove the tape to reveal a sharp edge.
Eraser: If anyone asks you what you use an eraser for in your paintings, always reply enhancing' rather than "correcting'!
Toothbrush:This is used with masking fluid when using the spattering technique.
Soap: The soap is used to protect your brushes when applying masking fluid.

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SKU Z0512
Author/Speaker/Editor Terry Harrison
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781844480975

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