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Terry's Top Tips For Watercolor Artists

By Terry Harrison

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Watercolor Flower Painting Book If:

  • You're searching for new watercolor painting tips
  • You love painting with watercolor & want to explore how to paint grass, beaches, flowers & more
  • You want to avoid common watercolor painting mistakes in your own work
Great for beginners, Terry's Top Tips For Watercolor Artists, covers more than 140 proven painting tips for watercolors. Simple & easy-to-follow painting demonstrations shows you how to paint a wide range of watercolor subjects including flowers, winter scenes, beaches, mountains, trees & more. Learn everything you need, including the right tools for great watercolor results. Get great tips for putting the sparkle in waves, texture in cliffs & a wide range of moods in landscapes.

Intermediate artists will also find great concepts & ideas within the pages of Terry's Top Tips For Watercolor Artists. No stone is left unturned in this popular comprehensive watercolor painting book.

In Terry's Top Tips For Watercolor Artists You'll Learn:

  • How to use a coin and paper towel to shed light into your sunsets & other exciting techniques
  • Clever new watercolor tricks for painting sea spray, rainy skies & picket fences
  • How to paint grasses, fields, skies, distance, boats, roofs, walls, cliffs & more

A Word From the Author:

My aim in teaching art has always been to make painting more accessible by helping to make the techniques easier. I have even created my own range of brushes, specially designed to make it easier for the beginner to achieve a variety of effects.

Much of my advice on watercolour techniques is based on common sense: for instance, to achieve wet into wet effects, the paper surface has to be wet, not merely damp or beginning to dry! Years of experience of painting and teaching have meant that I have accumulated a wealth of handy tips for successful painting, and they are all gathered together in this book to take the mystery out of watercolour techniques."

Check Out this Excerpt From the Pages of Terry's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists:

The half-rigger has long hair with a very fine point. It holds quite a lot of paint and is ideal for adding very fine details wet on dry. It is good for painting grasses and flower stalks.
The small detail brush is the smallest of the round brushes in my range. It is good for painting fine details.
The medium detail brush is the workhorse of the range, the one you reach for most often. It holds quite a lot of paint but still goes to a fine point, and is good for painting any but the finest details.
The large detail brush holds a lot of paint, so is ideal for washes, yet it goes to quite a fine point, making it very versatile.
The fan stippler is good for painting trees with a stippling technique. The blend of hair and bristle creates a range of textural effects that can be used to mimic elements of nature such as leaves.
The foliage brush is excellent for producing leafy effects and it can also be used for texture on buildings, footpaths and walls.
The 19mm (3/4 in) flat brush is useful for washes and for painting water. It can be used with a side-to-side motion to create horizontal lines such as ripples on water.

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SKU Z4736
Author/Speaker/Editor Terry Harrison
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781844483358

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