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The Absolute Beginner's Big Book of Drawing and Painting

More Than 100 Lessons in Pencil, Watercolor and Oil

By Mark and Mary Willenbrink

Format: Book

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You’ll love this book if:

  • You are a beginner to drawing and painting in oil and watercolor
  • You need instruction and practice on techniques like composition, perspective, value, and more
  • You want to draw and paint subject matters including landscape, still life, and people

Now is your chance to become an expert in watercolor, oil, and pencil with this 400 page book from Mark and Mary Willenbrink! Discover more than 100 lessons from Mark and Mary’s most beloved books, compiled together in this all-encompassing guide.

Begin with familiarizing yourself with the materials in each medium including how to hold a pencil or brush and how to care for your materials. Learn to draw portraits of all ethnicities and ages, and enjoy detailed mini demonstrations covering facial features. Build on what you’ve learned and apply your knowledge to drawing nature and landscapes with step-by-step instruction for drawing butterflies, birds, trees, mountains, snowy landscapes and more. Once you are confident in your drawing skills move on to watercolor and oil painting demonstrations. Learn to paint monochromatically, explore positive and negative painting and more in demonstrations for painting landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Each medium covers detail instruction for building a strong foundation in techniques such as perspective, value, composition, shading, color, and proportion.

In The Absolute Beginner's Big Book of Drawing and Painting you’ll find:

  • Simple step-by-step instruction for drawing and painting a variety of subjects including people, landscapes, buildings, still life and more
  • Guidance for how to set up a space to create and care for your materials
  • Finishing techniques to complete your drawing and paintings

About the Authors
Mark and Mary Willenbrink are the bestselling authors of the Absolute Beginner series. Mark is also a fine artist and teaches art classes and workshops. His website is and you can also find his fanpage on Facebook. Mark and Mary live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What You Need
Part 1—Drawing
Chapter 1: Gather the Materials
Chapter 2: Practice the Techniques
Chapter 3: Let’s Draw Portraits
Chapter 4: Lets Draw Nature
Part 2—Watercolor
Chapter 5: Gather the Materials
Chapter 6: Learn the Basics
Chapter 7: Practice the Techniques
Chapter 8: Let’s Paint
Part 3—Oil Painting
Chapter 9: Gather the Materials
Chapter 10: Learn the Basics
Chapter 11: Practice the Techniques
Chapter 12: Let’s Paint

Author/Speaker/Editor Mark and Mary Willenbrink
File Type PDF
Format Book
ISBN 13 9781440337550
Number Of Pages 400
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The Absolute Beginner's Big Book of Drawing and Painting

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Awesome instruction, awesome value Review by Mary Bostic, Senior Editor

Mark and Mary Willenbrink have been providing top-notch beginning art instruction for years, and this book brings together the best of their Absolute Beginner series in one giant collection. With 400 pages of drawing, watercolor and oil painting instruction, this book is the perfect how-to guide for all beginners!

(Posted on 7/23/2014)

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