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The Artist's Magazine December 2012 Digital Download

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You’ll Love This Downloadable Issue of The Artist’s Magazine If:

  • You want to learn new oil painting and landscape painting tips
  • You love the great content found in every issue of The Artist’s Magazine
  • You want to hear more about our gifts for artists and our upcoming art sweepstakes

Download this digital version of the December 2012 The Artist’s Magazine and you’ll instantly discover great tips, tricks and advice from fellow artists. This special issue of The Artist’s Magazine features the winners of our annual art competiton. Find out who won our top prizes! This issue also features a great guide to picking a great gift for your favorite artist this holiday season. Hot topics are discussed such as "is graffiti art?" and the dimensionality of copyright law and contracts for commissioned works.

Within every digital issue of The Artist’s Magazine you'll find interviews with artists, painting advice, articles on painting and drawing and so much more. Learn tips for painting landscapes, painting in oil and in this issue you will aso find a great guide to upcoming art workshops and painting classes.

In the December Issue of The Artist’s Magazine You’ll Discover:

  • The winners of this years annual art competition
  • Tips and tricks for painting one and multi-point perspective landscape
  • Our holiday gift guide with great ideas for all the artists in your life

Features in the December 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine include:
Direct vs Indirect: Two Ways of Painting in Oil
Multiple-Point Perspective
Winners of the 2012 Annual Art Competition
Misty and Mysterious: Learn the Secrets to Tonal Landscapes


The Winners of The Artist’s Magazine’s 29th (2012) Annual Art Competition
By Maureen Bloomfield

Edited by Holly Davis

Edited by Cherie Haas

Edited by Maureen Bloomfield

Still Life/Floral
Edited by Christine McHugh

Edited by Betsy Dillard Stroud

By Direct or Indirect Means
Should you start a landscape in oil by proceeding directly to shapes and colors—or by washing in an undertone? Either approach works; choose the one right for you. By Michael Chesley Johnson

Columns and Departments


The Artist's Life
A panel in Toronto decides whether graffiti is vandalism or art; we invite you to the World of Art Showcase, and more. Edited by Cherie Haas


Holiday Gift Guide
A complete guide of great gifts for all the artists on your list.

Brushing Up
Atmospheric effects for tonal landscapes are explored here. By M. Katherine Hurley

Holiday Sweepstakes
A new winner every day of the season. You might win art materials & more.

The Artist’s Magazine’s 30th (2013) Annual Art Competition
Learn the details of next year’s contest!

Ask the Experts
Learn the ins and outs of the dimensionality of copyright law, and the nature of contracts with regard to commissioned works from an attorney.By Leonard D. DuBoff

Drawing Board
Grant Fuller explains one- and multiple-point perspective and its importance when organizing a landscape.By Grant Fuller

Workshop Guide
This guide to upcoming painting classes features courses across the U.S. and abroad. Plan your new year of learning!

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