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The Artist Unique eBook

Inspiration and Techniques to Discover Your Creative Signature

By Carmen Torbus

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Artistic Inspiration eBook If:

  • You want to make art that stands apart from the crowd
  • You love to make unique art pieces and are searching for new inspiration
  • You’re struggling to define your artistic voice and are looking for guidance

Every artist wants to create art that is unique and stands apart. Finding the right medium and right style can be a challenge. Author and experienced artist Carmen Torbus shares great mixed media techniques & art project ideas—all geared toward helping artists discover their voice and reach new creative heights. You’ll also hear from 16 fellow artists as they share their own personal journies to artistic expression and tips for how to be more creative. Get inspiration from their stories of overcoming artistic struggles.

This eBook provides you with instant access to 17 mixed media techniques, mixed media art projects, and helpful worksheets to help you identify your artistic strengths, preferences and skills. Make your voice heard through artistic expression, get inspiration from full finished art illustrations from featured artists. Embrace your artistic vision and learn how to make art with confidence. Become the artist unique!

In The Artist Unique eBook You’ll Learn:

  • 17 exciting mixed-media techniques from fellow artists
  • Tips and tricks to working with various mediums, mark makers and paraphernalia
  • How to add more of your personal voice to your art

A Word From the Author:

"You won’t find rigid step-by-step projects with precise outcomes in this book. No siree. Instead, you’ll be immersed in ideas, techniques and encouragement to motivate you to create your own artful concoctions that will make you the artist unique." — Carmen Torbus

Check Out This Excerpt From The Artist Unique:

What’s on your Palette?
Choose a color palette that is meaningful to you. Your personal palette will evolve as your signature style does. I know artists who always add a small splash of red to their paintings. I know another who generally works in earth tones and yet another whose paintings are always bold and vibrant, with large areas of primary colors throughout. In addition to their individual styles of painting, their color palettes are unique to them. Their palettes set them apart and help to define their overall artistic style.

When thinking about your palette, consider what you already know and love. Take complete creative liberty and play with color. Try different colors together and see what speaks to you and your creativity. You can choose a small number of colors to work with or as many as you like. You make the rules!

It’s your palette, so discover your personal color preferences in a way that best suits you and your learning style. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Visit your local garden center and look at the flowers. Which ones make you smile and make you want to get closer? Their shapes and unique characteristics may catch your eye, but it’s likely their colors are part of the attraction, too. Make a mental note and write it down or—if you’re like me and always have a digital camera on hand—snap a picture of the flowers you love.
  • Head for the paint chips in your nearest home improvement store. Which colors do you naturally reach for and gravitate toward? Grab some and take them home with you. Pin them on your inspiration board or stick one in this book as a bookmark. Just put them somewhere safe so you can come back to them later.
  • Go on an at-home scavenger hunt. Head for your refrigerator, pantry, clothes closet, linen closet … just look around. What colors do you see repeating? Those are probably your go-to colors.
  • Visualize. Close your eyes and visualize. Imagine you are at your very favorite place at the absolute best time. Look around; what do you see? What colors are you surrounded by? Are the rich hues of autumn where your bliss lies? Or the tranquil shades of a seaside paradise? Maybe the colors associated with a memorable event, such Mardi Gras or Holi (fittingly, a Festival of Color celebrated by Hindus), are what you are drawn to. Take note of them.
  • Ask yourself what colors make you happy. What colors make you feel comfort, safe, daring, alive? What colors scream YOU?
Have fun discovering your signature color palette! Use a few or all of these exercises to help you find the perfect color palette and begin to identify your signature look.

Check out this exciting free excerpt: How to create a self portrait using your non-dominant hand and any drawing materials from The Artist Unique!

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SKU W2495
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