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The Artistic Mother eBook

A Practical Guide for Fitting Creativity into Your Life

By Shona Cole

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Creative Project eBook If:

  • You’re searching for new sources of creativity and inspiration
  • You want to discover exciting tips for incorporating for creative time into your schedule
  • You love making interesting art & want to explore your personal creativity

Balance family and creativity with the tips and tricks from The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. Each page is filled with ideas and techniques for how to be more creative. Shona believes that artistic motivation can fit perfectly into the busy life of a mother and in this creativity book she shares her approaches to overcoming common challenges and obstacles to creativity and inspiration. Cole’s practical advice is sound and her goal is to inspire creativity within every mother.

This book on creativity includes a section on weekly action plans for any medium, tips for creating time in your schedule and also includes an overview of best-loved arts such as photography and mixed media. Don’t miss out on Shona’s 12 week course that is guaranteed to bring creativity into your life.

In The Artistic Mother You’ll Learn:

  • Practical tips for planning creative projects through weekly action plans
  • How to create time and space in your life for creativity and inspiration
  • Techniques for including poetry, photography and mixed-media elements in your art

A Word From the Author:

"Creativity is a gift to be received, opened and enjoyed to the fullest. As artistic souls, it serves us well to own the gift of creativity and carve out the time and space to work at it and produce art. Rather than stealing from the energy we use as mothers, the time devoted to art makes mothering more vibrant. By coupling our maternal instincts with our creative actions, we become well-rounded women with a positive outlook—and therefore content, hopeful and happy mothers. Don’t you want to love your life a little more tomorrow than you do today?" — Shona Cole

Check Out This Excerpt From The Artistic Mother:

The Artistic Vision Statement and Goals Lists
The first motivational tools you can use to help you get going when you are not feeling creative or to keep you motivated over the long haul are an artistic vision statement and long- and short-term goals lists. Vision statements and goals lists work together. The vision statement sets the tone of who you are or are becoming. Goals lists help you to get there or become that person. So it is important to develop both simultaneously.

If you take the time to make a vision statement and goals and then reread them at the end of a busy workday, they can redirect your thoughts, moving them away from the trials of child rearing and onto the positive dimensions of your children’s personalities, hopes and dreams, while rekindling the fl ames of your love for artistic pursuits. As you do the things on your long- and shortterm lists and tick them off, you create a record of what you have accomplished. Your successes in turn can motivate you to keep working to build on your achievements. Your lists can also serve as a guide when deciding what to do—what class to sign up for, what sites to visit on the Web, what to do when you find yourself with a free hour and no children about. When we see too many possibilities they can deplete our resolve to act. Having a focused path makes it more likely that we will get some art done.

Create an Artistic Vision Statement
An artistic vision statement should reflect your personality, values and aspirations, outlining the big picture— the direction you want your art to take.

In order to create an artistic vision statement, think of how you want to live your life—of ideals for which to strive. Be honest, but idealistic. Think big. Think of things that would sound ridiculous if you said them out loud. You may not be the woman you describe in your vision statement every day, but you can strive to live that way. If you rehearse your vision long enough, one day you will wake up and fi nd you have become that person!

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SKU Y0860
Author/Speaker/Editor Shona Cole
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