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The Artist's Magazine April 2012 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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20+ Out-of-the-Box Tools for Applying Paint
Water-Mixable Oils
Portraiture Today: How to Match Skin Tones
Draw the Landscape with Watercolor
Repeat Shapes for Eye-Catching Compositions


Getting Real
Albert H. Munsell's color theories, Frank J. Reilly's palette arrangement and William McGregor Paxton's colors inform Marvin Mattelson's logical approach to mixing fleshtones in oil. By Holly Davis

Simple and Profound
Working with line and from life, Tom Root continually refines shapes as he conveys his subjects' inner and outer lives. By Jerry N. Weiss

Natural Synthesis
Adapting techniques associated with collage, Maya Brym applies layers of acrylic and oil, and the result is a surface that seems to shift from two to three dimensions. By Judith Fairly

Composition is the Crux
With pastel as his medium, Ron Monsma devises still lifes that repeat and vary classic shapes: triangle, circle, rectangle and ellipse. Interview with Maureen Bloomfield

Make Your Own Mark
Eleven artists extol 20+ ways to move paint around—from combs to credit cards, and sometimes even a brush! Edited by Cherie Haas

Columns and Departments


The Artist's Life
A couple convert a barn into a gallery in Wisconsin; artists start a fund to help other artists in need; an historian and an artist collaborate on a book about New York City's bridges, and more. Edited by Cherie Haas


The Artist's Magazine's 29th Annual Art Competition

Drawing Board
Draw with a brush—and watercolor—to get in touch with the expressive qualities of line. By Dale Laitinen

Brushing Up
To paint flowers, first study the effects of sunlight on value and color temperature. By Jan Kunz

Ask the Experts Will adding alcohol to watercolor keep paints from freezing on location, and what is the reason that blue casein stains? By Bradley Lance Moore

Master Class
Working in egg tempera on wood, Domenico Ghirlandaio painted a poignant portrait of an old man and a child. By Jerry N. Weiss

Supply Cabinet
Nifty products for your studio. Edited by Cherie Haas

Competition Spotlight
Simone Bingemer stages a theatrical portrait. By Simone Bingemer

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