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The Artist's Magazine January/February 2011 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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Get Organized! Master Your Studio Space

12-Hue Color Wheel

Painting Children: Tips from 4 Experts

Compelling Abstracts: 7 Design Strategies

Underpainting Techniques for Colored Pencil and Pastel


It's All a Setup
Harriet Shorr arranges objects she loves without a predetermined narrative and then simply paints what she sees.
By Rick Stull

Beyond Skin Deep
Andrew Ameral's eloquent figures follow from his rigorous study of musculature. By Lisa Wurster

Under the Surface
Over an underpainting in watercolor, Terri Ford wields pastels toward expressive ends. By Rosemary Barrett Seidner

Line by Line, Layer by Layer
Working in graphite and mixed media, Patricia Bellan-Gillen creates densely textured images. By Ruth K. Meyer

Pleasures & Paradoxes: Painting Children
Wende Caporale, Ellen Cooper, Judith Carducci and David Mueller tell how they persuade children to stay still. By Maureen Bloomfield

A Place for Everything
To work with greater freedom and more efficiency, organize your studio space by task. By Michael Chesley Johnson

Start With Structure
Impose order on abstract and nonobjective works by considering timeless principles of design.
By Mark E. Mehaffey

The Top of the Class
The winners of the student division of our annual contest show talent and determination. By Christine McHugh

Columns and Departments


For bold effect, work with layers of broken color. By Terri Ford

The Artist's Life
A collaboration between an urban artist and at-risk teens; selling art via iPhone apps; and more.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Take to the road for some great shows.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Brushing Up
Pay attention to foliage to make flowers pop.
By Ora Sorensen

Color Corner
Learn the terms and principles of chromatic theory as the first step to mastering color.
By Nita Leland

Drawing Board
Achieve saturated color in colored pencil by using solvents for the initial layer.
By Gary Greene

Multiply your profits by adapting one image to various products.
By EC (Lisa) Stewart

Master Class
Jacob Jordaens's jubilant picture celebrates and censures excess.
By Jerry N. Weiss

Ask the Experts
Will Teflon cookware work as a palette for oils?—and more.
By Bradley Lance Moore

Supply Cabinet
Tools and materials: What's new for your studio?
Edited by Cherie Haas

2010 Index

Competition Spotlight
After incising lines on foam board, George Shipperley applies oil pastel.
Edited by Cherie Haas

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