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The Artist's Magazine July/August 2014

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Highlights in the July/August 2014 issue of The Artist’s Magazine include:

It’s All in the Edges: Lessons from Richard Schmid

The Winners of the All Media Competition

The 30th Anniversary


Taking the Edge Off

An edge is a transition between shapes of color. The character of that edge defines your style.

By Richard Schmid

Familiar Sights That Never Were

George Shipperley imagines landscapes and still lifes whose chromatic effects in oil pastel depend on value.

By BJ Foreman

Eyes to the Sky

The mood of a landscape is conveyed by the changes in the sky.

By Jerry N. Weiss

Chords of Color

Having mastered the watercolor techniques of the California Scene painters, Judi Betts took off on her own.

By Holly Davis

Artist at Play

Working at first in pen and ink, David Macaulay brought the processes of architecture and engineering to life through line.

By Will Hillenbrand

To Each His Own Medium

The nine winners of our All Media Competition share their work and working methods.

By McKenzie Graham

Columns and Departments


The Artist's Life

Judy Chicago looks back and forward; Wolf Kahn offers advice to the young.

By McKenzie Graham


Drawing Board

Drawing with metal point (silver and gold) yields exquisite effects.

By Gordon Hanley


Overlap a circle of the work you love with a circle of the work that will sell. In that intersection lies a niche market.

By Barney Davey

Ask the Experts

Is there any reason to shoot photos with film? The preferred way to store digital files, and more.

By Ric Deliantoni

Road Test

An artist tries Golden Artist Colors’ QoR Modern Watercolor.

By John Salminen

Brushing Up

Premixing “parent” colors saves time and ensures harmony en plein air.

By Ron Donoughe

Master Class

Mary Cassatt painted an ungainly subject as a retort to Edgar Degas.

By Jerry N. Weiss

Competition Spotlight

With a restricted palette in pastel, an artist portrays whippets at rest.

By Cris A. Horne

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The Artist's Magazine July/August 2014

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The Artist's Magazine July/August 2014

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