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The Artist's Magazine June 2014

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Highlights in the June 2014 issue of The Artist’s Magazine include:

For Dynamic Landscape Design, Edit Your Photos

Tim Kennedy’s Domestic Harmonies

Detail in Watercolor Without Masking

The 30th Anniversary


Idylls & Pleasures

Tim Kennedy positions his figures in radiant interiors that suggest the joys of domestic harmony.

By John A. Parks

Looking Through Water

Rick Bennett looks down on and within the sea—mirroring resplendent successions of color.

By Daniel Brown


Reference photos should be endlessly scrutinized—and revised—in order to give your landscapes structure.

By Ian Roberts

Reflections on Reality

Crisp and detailed: Jeannette Pasin Sloan’s still lifes in gouache and watercolor evince intricate patterns and rhythmic lights.

By Holly Davis

Columns and Departments

From the Editor

The Artist's Life

Painting momentous celebrations; a catch-up chat with David A. Leffel; and more.

By McKenzie Graham


Drawing Board

Create the illusion of fur on scratchboard.

By Cathy Sheeter

Ask the Experts

Make prints from digital photographs and prepare a surface for gold leaf.

By Michael Skalka

Guide to Workshops Here and Abroad

Brushing Up

Convey emotion by paying attention to stagecraft and design.

By William A. Schneider

Master Class

Restricting his palette to four colors, Anders Zorn imitated an intriguing backstory in this self-portrait.

By Jerry N. Weiss

Competition Spotlight

An antique carousel horse evokes memories of lost time.

By John Jaster

SKU GROUP-T3425-TA0614
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The Artist's Magazine June 2014
The Artist's Magazine June 2014

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