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The Artist's Magazine March 2010 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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Exclusive: How to Break Into the Workshop Biz

350+ Workshop Listings!

Stellar at 60+
10 Artists prove age is just a number

Luscious Landscapes
Trowel on the oil

How to Compose With Photoshop


Simply the Best
The 10 winners of our Over 60 contest prove it's never too late to start a career in art—no matter what the medium.
Edited by Grace Dobush

So You'd Like to Teach a Workshop
Break into the business with practical advice and a helpful guide.
By Koo Schadler

Serving the Paint
Wielding a trowel as well as a brush, Louisa McElwain paints the Southwestern landscape.
By Ruth K. Meyer

A Garden of Droll Delights
Pop art icon Peter Blake celebrates life's excesses and absurdities in painting and collage.
By Larry Humber

Café Views
In depicting relationships between men and women, Pam Powell plays with light and reflections.
By Lisa Wurster

Columns and Departments


To convey a mood as well as a likeness, pay attention to the colors in the shadows.
By Pam Powell

The Artist's Life
Florida's endangered wetlands inspire Taylor Ikin's paintings on Yupo; a page from a sketchbook; a drawing competition, and more.
Edited by Grace Dobush

2010 Art Competition

A sampling of great shows to see in early spring.
Edited by Holly Davis

Brushing Up
Get the most (but not too much) from your photo references.
By John Salminen

Drawing Board
Create an evocative landscape with just a piece of paper and graphite pencils.
By Phil Metzger

Supply Cabinet
Spur a creative breakthrough by trying a new product.
By Grace Dobush

Workshop Guide
Find a workshop to suit your skill level and schedule.

Competition Spotlight
Patti Mollica evokes a bright Times Square in bold acrylic.
Edited by Grace Dobush

SKU Z9127
Author/Speaker/Editor The Artist's Magazine
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