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The Artist's Magazine March 2011 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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Color Temperature: Get It Right With 1 Easy Rule

Watercolor on Aquabord

Painting Water In Mixed Media, Oil and Pastel

The Best Is Yet To Be: 11 Amazing Artists Over 60

Create Atmosphere by Working With Value


The Solace of Still Water
Deborah Quinn-Munson paints the serene blues of sea and shore in oil and pastel.
By Maureen Bloomfield

A Quiet Light
Adapting egg tempera techniques to oil, Lauren Tilden conveys an evocative stillness as light emanates from darkness.
By Meredith E. Lewis

Dynamic Equilibrium
Shirley Jaffe arranges colorful shapes in playful interactions.
By Madeleine Fidell-Beaufort

Unspoken Language
The female subjects of Ali Cavanaugh's watercolors convey emotion through gesture rather than facial expression.
By Tamera Lenz Muente

Just Keep Painting
Ranging in age from 61 to 83, the winners of our Over 60 Art Competition share their works and wisdom.
By Holly Davis

Columns and Departments


How one artist uses a palette knife to depict ripples on water.
By Deborah Quinn-Munson

The Artist's Life
Famous alumni of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and more.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Toss off the winter doldrums by catching these exhibitions.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Color Corner
Learn the easy rule of color temperature.
By Scott Burdick

Ask the Experts
What adhesive best secures the elements of a collage?
By Jonathan Talbot

Brushing Up
For a moody effect, simply work with value: dark and light.
By John Salminen

Master Class
A late work shows how Claude Monet dissolved the outlines of form.
By Jerry N. Weiss

Supply Cabinet
New and improved products to make your process easier.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Workshop Guide

Competition Spotlight
Kim Diment implies a story while depicting a pair of fabulous African birds.
Edited by Hunter Tickel

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