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The Artist's Magazine November 2009 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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Plein Air With a Purpose: 3 Goals For Maximum Results

Realism & Impressionism
How Jeffrey T. Larson Excels in Both

Gleam, Sheen & Sparkle
How to Paint Reflective Surfaces

You're Not Alone
Agencies for Artists Can Help You Find Money


In a Good Light
Master of three genres, Jeffrey T. Larson follows the sun.
By Louise B. Hafesh

Two Roads Converge
Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov collaborate on egg tempera panels.
By Ruth K. Meyer

Wise Guy
Renowned caricaturist David Levine describes his working methods.
By Larry Humber

Studio Tour
A spacious entertainment addition doubles as Wende Caporale's studio.
Edited by Christine McHugh

Staying Alive
Diversify: the secret to making a living as an artist.
By Ursula Roma and Daniel Brown

Plein Air With a Purpose
To improve your skills, paint on site while following a definite plan.
By Michael Chesley Johnson

If you think you know everything about oil paints, think again.
By Greg Albert

Sketching the City of Light
French artist Fabrice Moireau renders Paris in his sketchbook. By Loraine DeBonis

Columns and Departments

November 2009 Online
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Scherer & Ouporov explain the materials and processes behind a masterwork.
Edited by Holly Davis

The Artist's Life
A former life model goes wild with Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.
Edited by Grace Dobush

Great shows on view in November.
Edited by Holly Davis

Drawing Board
Line up the angles of a house to learn two-point perspective.
By Phil Metzger

Brushing Up
An artist shows you how to paint a range of shiny or reflective surfaces.
By Jane Jones

Ask the Experts
How safe are oil paints for the artist and his or her family?
By Michael Skalka

Arts service organizations can help you find insurance or win a grant.
By Meredith E. Lewis Master Class
Egon Schiele paints a portrait of a man of letters.
By Jerry N. Weiss

Competition Spotlight
Roxanne Dyer captures a scene behind the scenes.

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