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The Artist's Magazine September 2010 Digital Download

By The Artist's Magazine

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Techniques and Tools for Texture in Colored Pencil

Transparent Watercolor Made Edgy and New

Inside the Studio of Anthony Benedetto
(Tony Bennett)

Effective 2-Figure Design

Bonus: Secrets to Spectacular Skies in 4 Media


Radiant Energy
Creating a range of textures in colored pencil, Raul Colon brings fictional worlds to luminous life.
By Meredith E. Lewis

Watercolor with an Edge
Amy Park sidesteps the landscape tradition of transparent watercolor by painting the city's facades.
By Lisa Wurster

Take Two
Placing two figures in a composition heightens the impact, as long as you heed the principles of design.
By Jerry N. Weiss

The Skies Have It
Donna Levinstone, James Toogood, Ryan S. Brown and Lisa Grossman gaze at the most inconstant of subjects, the sky.
Edited by Maureen Bloomfield

Magical Realism
Playing with scale, Deborah Morrisey-McGoff imagines scenes that hark back to the Renaissance and hint at the naive.
By Daniel Brown

Columns and Departments


The Artist's Life
A look inside the studio of renowned singer Tony Bennett, known in the visual arts world as Anthony Benedetto; collaborative murals created by professional artists and young students; and more.
Edited by Maureen Bloomfield

Unusual shows opening this fall.
Edited by Holly Davis and Cherie Haas

Drawing Board
Understanding the contours of the human head will help you render it as a sequence of planes.
By Paul Leveille

All Media Competition

Over 60 Competition

Brushing Up
Render intricate crystal surfaces with these masking tips.
By Soon Y. Warren

Ask the Experts
What is the purpose of an art registry, and what is the legal distinction between original and unique.
By Leonard D. DuBoff

Master Class
Vermeer's Art of Painting addresses the nature of illusion.
By Jerry N. Weiss

Supply Cabinet
New products to enhance or ease your creative process.
Edited by Cherie Haas

Workshop Guide
Find a workshop to suit your skill level and schedule.

Competition Spotlight
Paige Wallis paints an amiable dog amid festive stripes in watercolor.
Edited by Cherie Haas

SKU Z9132
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