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The Best of The Artist's Magazine: Michael Chesley Johnson

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You'll love this new Michael Chesley Johnson eMagazine if:

  • You love the work of Michael Chesley Johnson
  • You want to improve your landscape paintings
  • You're looking to improve your pastel paintings

In this magazine download presented by The Artist's Magazine, learn from oil and pastel painting master Michael Chesley Johnson. Learn from the following segments from The Artist's Magazine:

  • Poetry of Earth
    Painting on location in the Southwest and the Canadian Maritimes, Michael Chesley Johnson manifests a lyrical spirit: how a scientist, writer, student of literature, and lover of Nature became a painter of landscapes en plein air. [By Maureen Bloomfield]
  • Painting the Grand Canyon
    "For my studio painting Moran Point, I used a photo and several plein air sketches for color reference. I wanted to re-create the feeling of the Grand Canyon's depth and distance, but I also wanted to anchor the viewer with some solid-looking rocks in the foreground." Learn from a step-by-step demonstration by Michael.
  • Perk Up Your Color
    "As an instructor specializing in painting with pastel en plein air, I've seen many students struggle with monotonous or dull color." Learn how to take your time when painting to capture colors beautifully and brilliantly in your pastel paintings with this demonstration by Michael.
  • How to Paint Light Brilliantly
    "Landscape painters often struggle to paint the heat of the sun, the glow of the moon or the silvered edges of backlit clouds. Most often, the problem comes down to poor planning of values, but sometimes color usage is an issue, too. I'm approaching my discussion of these topics from the standpoint of oil painting, but most of the theory can be applied to pastel and other opaque media." Take a crash course on painting light and value with this excerpt.
  • Plein Air with a Purpose
    Make your outdoor painting sessions superproductive by setting specific goals: decide which skills you need to improve, make sure you have all the materials you'll need, and create a finished work outdoors!
  • Michael Chesley Johnson: The Artist's Magazine Q&A
    Enjoy a one-on-one interview with Michael in this exceprt and learn his favorite supplies, tips for artists, and more!
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