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The Complete Essentials of Painting Water with Johannes Vloothuis

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You'll Love This Online Painting Course If:

  • You want to paint clear & flowing water
  • You love the work of Johannes Vloothuis
  • You’re on the hunt for new water painting tips
Johannes Vloothuis, award-winning artist & experienced painting teacher, leads this exciting online painting course. WetCanvas Live: Essentials of Painting Water with Johannes Vloothuis will show you all the tips & tricks you’ll need to learn how to paint realistic water. This 3 lesson course will give you the answers to all your water painting questions. Make the water in your landscapes move & flow throughout the composition! Johannes delves deep into this extensive and seemingly complicated topic and makes it easy for you to paint water in all its forms.

In this Online Water Painting Lesson You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint reflections in still & moving water
  • How to paint lakes, rivers & streams
  • How to paint rocks and logs underwater

What Artists Are Saying About Johannes:

"I am so happy to have taken these classes. I told all my artists friends about it and many of them joined as well. I will take any class that Johannes gives online, even if I have to pay for them. I have learned very much from his caring and calm method of sharing his knowledge. If I lived closer to Johannes, I would take a class with him, but this has really been a second best thing! I just can't say enough or thank him enough!" — Sonia Palik
"I was just so impressed, I am a beginner, and he didn't use any language above my head. I do have a little experiance, in high school, but as a beginner I learned a lot and understood everything" — Linda McCaleb
Soon it will feel as though you could dip your toe or take a swim in your water paintings!
SKU GROUP-V8320-T2108
Runtime 7 hours, 30 minutes
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The Complete Essentials of Painting Water with Johannes Vloothuis
The Complete Essentials of Painting Water with Johannes Vloothuis DVD

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