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The Human Canvas

The World's Best Body Paintings

By Karala Barendregt

Format: Hardcover

The human body has been the canvas for art for thousands of years. Many cultures have used body painting in ceremonies to commemorate birth, death, weddings, and coming of age. This book takes a look at the modern-day culture of body art and how it’s used throughout many countries and industries with diverse styles and techniques. Many artists are using body painting to return to a more spiritual connection and rediscovering how their expression can bring meaning to their lives. The body painting artist is not just an artist; they are a painter, a conceptualist, a choreographer, a director and a photographer.

Inside The Human Canvas you’ll find:

  • 208 pages with 400 stunning colored images of today’s best body paintings
  • 30 world-class artists sharing beautiful photography of their work

About the Author

Karala B. Wallace is an artist and author from Sydney, Australia, living in the south of Austria. She is mostly known for her work in the body art industry, having written the first-ever combined work on body art, including the history of the art form and its modern uses, as well as profiling iconic artists of the movement.

Karala began her work in the industry in 1999 and worked for the World Bodypainting Association from 2004 until 2010 researching the art form and its growth. She then dedicated her time to public speaking and writing books and articles to spread knowledge of the artists and their work in Europe, Australia and North America.

Her first three books were privately published through the World Bodypainting Association and Kryolan, including Bringing Bodypainting to Life (2008), Body Art Fashion (2011) and Champion at Heart (2013). These books sold internationally in more than fifteen countries and have become teaching guides in most makeup and body art institutes around the world.

Other projects from Karala B. Wallace have included a children’s book series aimed at developing children’s connections to the natural world; a series of five stage shows under the title “Body Art Fashion,” including up to fifteen of the world’s best artists and around forty models and performers at the World Bodypainting Festival; English language communication work in Austria; and many performance-or fashion-based arts projects around the world.

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Author/Speaker/Editor Karala Barendregt
Format Hardcover
ISBN 13 9781440337000
Number Of Pages 208

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