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The Secret to Pastel Painting en Plein Air with Michael Chesley Johnson

By Michael Chesley Johnson

SKU# GROUP-T4332-T4339

Discover the secret to pastel painting en plein air!

You'll love this video workshop if:

  • You're a fan of Michael Chesley Johnson
  • You want to learn new pastel painting techniques
  • You would like to complete a landscape painting in one session

Join Michael Chesley Johnson and follow along as he completes a painting from start to finish in pastels. You'll learn his essential secrets to successfully capture the moving sun and shadow in your landscape painting. Plus, learn simple techniques for observation that teach you to rely on your "best guess" for values, color temperatures, hue, and intensity. Capturing these elements quickly and with confidence is key to creating a successful plein air painting, and Michael will teach you how! You'll also learn how to adjust your colors and shapes as you go so you can complete paintings that accurately capture the moment.

Order or download this workshop today to learn:

  • Pastel techniques for underpainting, layering, correcting mistakes and more
  • How to "capture the moment" when painting en plein air, regardless of medium
  • General outdoor painting techniques and color mixing techniques
  • How to trust your painting instincts to paint quickly and with confidence

Learn how to paint with pastels en plein air today with help from Michael Chesley Johnson!

Watch a preview of The Secret to Pastel Painting en Plein Air with Michael Chesley Johnson

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Variety of colors, light and dark, warm and cool.
Variety of brands and variety of hard and soft pastels.
Purples or Violets

Masking tape
Masonite board
Wallis Sanded Pastel Paper

Thumbnail Sketch
6B pencil
Pencil sharpener
Sketchbook (small)

Color wheel
Gamsol/Denatured or Rubbing Alcohol (90%)
Heilman Designs box (backpack size)
Old but clean brush for applying wash
Paper towels
Portable field easel
Red filter

About Michael:
Designated a Master Pastellist by Pastel Artists Canada, Michael is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a juried member of Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. A contributing editor for The Artist's Magazine and frequent contributor to Pastel Journal, Michael has authored several books and instructional videos including Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel. Best know for his plein air paintings, Michael paints and teaches full time across the U.S. and Canada.


SKU GROUP-T4332-T4339
Author/Speaker/Editor Michael Chesley Johnson
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The Secret to Pastel Painting en Plein Air with Michael Chesley Johnson

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The Secret to Pastel Painting en Plein Air with Michael Chesley Johnson

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