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Transparent Watercolor Techniques with Jean Grastorf Value Pack

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Pouring Light. Through exercises, inspirational paintings and step-by–step demonstrations, you'll be introduced to this intriguing method of painting: juicy watercolors allowed to flow freely, layered one upon the next in transparent veils of color, resulting in sparkling color surprises that will affect, charm and entertain your viewer.
Pouring Transparent Watercolor With Jean Grastorf DVD. Follow along in this video workshop as Jean Grastorf shows her signature pouring technique using transparent watercolors without a brush, masking areas she wants to save as white or a light value, pouring pigments and allowing the watery colors to mingle on the surface.
Creating Texture In Transparent Watercolor With Jean Grastorf DVD. In this video, Jean Grastorf demonstrates a wide variety of techniques for creating interesting shapes and textures with transparent watercolor, including making positive and negative shapes using a wax resist, masking, scraping paint with the edge of a credit card and more.
SKU V0634

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