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Watercolor Artist, August 2014

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You’ll love this issue of Watercolor Artist if:
• You enjoy learning watercolor approaches to painting in acrylic
• You want to view different ways of painting reflections in watercolor
• You love learning new watercolor painting tips
• You love hearing from the expert artists and editors at Watercolor Artist

Order the August 2014 issue of Watercolor Artistand have it delivered right to you door, or download it instantly! This trusted watercolor painting magazine includes compelling interviews with watercolor artists and a step-by-step watercolor painting tutorial or two that will boost your painting skills. You'll learn about watercolor painting tips for working in acrylic, painting reflections in watercolor and making paintings that glow—straight from artists and our experienced staff.

Each issue of Watercolor Artistis dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic watercolor medium. Within the pages of this top art resource you can be sure to find trusted watercolor painting tips and instruction, the latest in the arts community and a few watercolor painting ideas for yourself.

Highlights in the August 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist include:
• A Watercolorist’s Approach to Acrylics
• The Keys to Painting Reflections
• How to Make Paintings that Glow
• Tips for Maximizing Your Pouring Technique


Acrylic: The Other Water Medium
A passionate watercolorist expands his creative and technical repertoire by exploiting the unique qualities of acrylics.
By Stephen Quiller

On Closer Reflection
Detailed drawings and strategically placed values allow viewers to enjoy the scenery both inside and out in David Stickel’s complex window paintings.
By Michelle Taute

Moving Forward
Plein air painter Ian Potts sees his work as an extension of the British watercolor tradition, but aims to push the style forward a bit.
By Ken Gofton

Simple Pleasures
Whether it’s a beloved family heirloom or her latest thrift shop find, Marsha Chandler looks for objects that allow her to explore color, shadows and reflections.
By Austin R. Williams


Making a Splash
Look for iconic American paintings coming to a billboard or bus station near you, plus a must-have color app for your iPad, and an exhibition of Whistler’s career-changing work.

By Jessica Canterbury

Studio Staples
Three new watercolor supports are put through their paces.
By Mark E. Mehaffey

Creativity Workshop
Create strong contrasts and seamless color transitions with this simple pouring technique.
By Amy Dean McKittrick

Meet the Masters
Even as Abstract Expressionism dominated the scene, Fairfield Porter turned to reality for inspiration.
By Tamera Lenz Muente

Watercolor Essentials

Start with four to six colors for your underpainting, then add complementary colors for paintings that glow.
By Judi Betts


SKU GROUP-T3452-WC0814
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Watercolor Artist, August 2014
Watercolor Artist, August 2014

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