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Watercolor Artist Essentials Bundle

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Equip yourself for watercolor painting success with this diverse digital bundle of watercolor instruction must-haves!

Watercolor Essentials [eBook]

Watercolor moves like no other medium. Just add water, and the pigment takes on a life of its own. Features 33 exercises, from foundational skills to advanced techniques as well as 7 start-to-finish demonstrations. Also includes instruction on tools and materials, brush techniques, color mixing and blending, value and fixing common problems.

Splash 14 [eBook]

Enjoy more than 120 paintings by over 100 artists selected from thousands of watercolor and water-media painters across the world invited to submit work for consideration. This 14th volume in the series from North Light continues the tradition of showcasing art from the best contemporary watercolorists. Each painting is accompanied by a caption that will show readers something about each artist's processes pertaining to the theme of light and color.

Watercolor Painting on YUPO® with Mark Mehaffey [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Mark explores a variety of techniques for working with YUPO® Synthetic Paper that will lead the way to exciting paintings. Applying and lifting paint, working with stamps and masking, mingling color and more. He then demonstrates two paintings--a non-objective piece, and a more realistic landscape subject.

Pouring Transparent Watercolor with Jean Grastorf [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Jean Grastorf demonstrates her signature pouring technique in this workshop. She forgoes a brush, masking areas she wants to save as white areas, and pours transparent watercolors, allowing the watery colors to mingle on the surface. You'll learn the ins and outs of pouring transparent watercolors, a great technique for loosening up your painting and creating a lively background.

Watercolor Techniques for Daring Color with Anne Abgott [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Learn exciting watercolor techniques and tips for creating watercolors that pop. Discover how to mix and work with vibrant colors when working in watercolor. Learn how to paint in watercolor like never before. Anne covers techniques such as masking, painting wet-into-wet and much more.

Step-by-step you’ll learn how to paint water and a sailboat from start to finish. Follow along with Anne as she discusses color and composition and shows you watercolor painting tips for achieving bold results. This painting demonstration will help you take your watercolor paintings from ordinary to extraordinary and dramatic.

Five Techniques Every Watercolorist Needs to Know [ARTICLE DOWNLOAD]

Learn the basics of applying flat washes and graded washes, underpainting, glazing, scumbling and drybrush.

SKU Z7078-Y0317-W7952-Z9799-Z6059-V9653-BUNDLE
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