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Watercolor Artist February 2014 Issue

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You’ll love this issue of Watercolor Artist if:
  • You enjoy viewing the work of prizewinning watercolor artists
  • You want to hear about how watercolor artists are involved in their communities
  • You love learning new watercolor techniques
  • You love hearing from the expert artists and editors at Watercolor Artist

Order the February issue of Watercolor Artistand have it delivered right to you door, or download it instantly right here! The February 2014 issue of this trusted watercolor painting magazine includes compelling interviews with watercolor artists and step-by-step watercolor painting tutorials that will boost your painting skills. You'll learn about combining acrylic ink and watercolor, incorporating figures into the landscape, new art tools and how to limit your palette—straight from artists and our experienced staff.

Each issue of Watercolor Artistis dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic watercolor medium. Within the pages of this top watercolor painting magazine you can be sure to find trusted watercolor painting techniques and instruction, the latest in the watercolor painting community and so much more.

Highlights in the February 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist include:

  • 26 Best Watermedia Paintings of the Year
  • A Fresh Approach to Figures
  • 10 Steps to a Sunlit Landscape
  • The Secrets to Painting Snow

The Best Paintings of 2013
Tour the year’s prizewinning watercolors with commentary from the jurors who awarded the works and the artists who painted them.
By Jessica Canterbury

Face to Face
Ted Nuttall explains his radical shift to pure transparent watercolors for his figures.
By Sarah A. Strickley

Urban Spectacle
Combining acrylic ink with watercolor, Christopher St. Leger taps into the drama and energy of the city.
By John A. Parks

Coming Home
Still life artist J. Henderer Burns explores her favorite subjects in limited series, building on past successes while seeking new challenges.
By Michelle Taute

Lessons of a Lifetime
Kristi Grussendorf tests the boundaries between the figure and the landscape.
By Louise B. Hafesh

Wintry Mix
Joel Popadics, Janet Nunn and Catherine Hearding share their secrets for capturing the effects of snow and ice in frosty landscapes.
By Kelly Kane

Making a Splash
Experience one of the world’s best-known parks through the eyes of a local artist.
By Jessica Canterbury

Creativity Workshop
Limit your palette to primaries to achieve color unity.
By Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Studio Staples
A new product may be the key to unlocking your next creative breakthrough. We’ve got five for you to try.
By Grace Dobush

Meet the Masters
Expressionist Oskar Kokoschka mined nature and his inner life for inspiration.
By Tamera Lenz Muente

Watercolor Essentials
Create a backlit landscape in 10 steps.
By Karlyn Holman

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SKU GROUP-WC0214-U7056
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Watercolor Artist February 2014 Issue Digital Download

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Watercolor Artist February 2014 Issue

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