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Watercolor Artist, June 2014

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You’ll love this issue of Watercolor Artist if:
• You enjoy learning about the joy of sketching
• You want to view different ways of painting flowers
• You love learning new watercolor painting tips
• You love hearing from the expert artists and editors at Watercolor Artist

Order the June 2014 issue of Watercolor Artistand have it delivered right to you door, or download it instantly right here! This trusted watercolor painting magazine includes compelling interviews with watercolor artists and a step-by-step watercolor painting tutorial or two that will boost your painting skills. You'll learn about working from photos, the joy of sketching and different approaches to painting flowers—straight from artists and our experienced staff.

Each issue of Watercolor Artistis dedicated solely to the exciting and dynamic watercolor medium. Within the pages of this top watercolor painting magazine you can be sure to find trusted watercolor painting tips and instruction, the latest in the arts community and a few watercolor painting ideas for yourself.

Highlights in the June 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist include:
• 6 Steps to More Dynamic Paintings
• A Riot of Florals
• Inspired by Childhood Memories
• Dramatic Landscapes and Figures From Photos


From Sketchbook to Studio

An urban landscape painter reveals his best tips for bringing the joy and spontaneity of sketching to your studio work.
By Iain Stewart

Say It With Flowers
Chica Brunsvold, Lynne Railsback and Marlin Rotach share a love of painting flowers, but express it in uniquely exciting ways.
By Kelly Kane

Drawn to Paint

Solid drawings provide the underpinnings on which Peter Quinn constructs shapes of brilliant color in his watercolor townscapes.
By Ken Gofton

Power Meets Subtlety

Working from photos, Stan Miller draws us beyond the obvious in his watercolor and egg tempera figures and landscapes.
By John A. Parks


Making a Splash
East meets West in another Chinese watercolor event, plus a tip for critiquing your own work and a peek through Andrew Wyeth’s windows.

By Jessica Canterbury

Meet the Masters
Pierre-Joseph Redouté spent a lifetime painting flowers for royalty and scientific discovery.
By Tamera Lenz Muente

Creativity Workshop
Tapping into childhood memories for inspiration can lead to new creative breakthroughs.
By Carla O’Connor

Watercolor Essentials

An accomplished floral painter shares her process for editing reference photos and painting plumeria.
By Kathleen Alexander


SKU GROUP-WC0614-T3451
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Watercolor Artist, June 2014

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Watercolor Artist, June 2014

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