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Watercolor Artist October 2013

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You’ll love this issue of Watercolor Artist if:
• You want to hear about how watercolor artists are involved in their communities
• You love learning new tips and tricks for painting in watercolor
• You love hearing from the expert artists and editors at Watercolor Artist

Download the October 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist right to your computer and you’ll get instant access to the same great content found in the print issue of this popular watercolor painting magazine. Read interviews with artists and follow along with step-by-step watercolor painting tutorials, honing your own skills. This issue features great articles on painting fur on animals, a float mount framing technique to show off your painting's deckle edge, and hot new art materials. Hear straight from our expert artists and passionate staff with the October 2013 digital issue of Watercolor Artist. Watercolor Artistis dedicated to the dynamic, exciting and creative watercolor medium. Discover top quality watercolor painting instruction, innovative tips and watercolor painting techniques that just might change the way you paint. Stay up to date on the latest in the watercolor painting community.

Highlights in the October 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist include:
  • Paint what you love: 3 artists' approaches
  • Sketch for success
• A no-fail value study in 3 steps

Personal Effects
Toy soldiers, satin draperies and chocolate bonbons take center stage in Myra Schuetter’s large-scale, narrative still life paintings.
By John A. Parks

Animal Magnetism
Surrounded by animals her entire life, Anni Crouter brings her love of the subject to life in dynamic wildlife paintings.
By Michelle Taute

London Town
Working on toned paper, Charlotte Halliday depicts architecture from both the celebrated sites and quiet side streets of her hometown.
By Ken Gofton

From Sketch to Finish
Jean Pederson, Tom Francesconi and Susanna Spann reveal the preliminary drawings and studies that preceded some of their best work.
By Austin R. Williams

Making a Splash
Artists from around the world meet in China to celebrate varied watercolor traditions, plus two shows you won’t want to miss.
Edited By Jessica Canterbury

Creativity Workshop
A simple three-stage value study can be the key to success for your next watercolor painting.
By Andy Evansen

Studio Staples
Fire up your creative juices with four hot new products.
By Jessica Canterbury

Meet the Masters
A sailor at heart, Eugène Isabey channeled his love for the sea into his maritime art.
By Carrie Oeding

Watercolor Essentials
Show off your paintings’ deckle edges with this 10-step float mount framing technique.
By Chris A. Paschke


SKU GROUP-WC1013-U7054
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Watercolor Artist October 2013 Issue

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