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Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Barn

By Lian Quan Zhen

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You'll Love This Watercolor Painting Video If:

  • You want to learn new & different watercolor painting techniques with step-by-step visual lessons
  • You love the painting style of Lian Quan Zhen & want to create the same effects on your own canvas
  • You want to learn new composition tips for creating a strong rustic scene

Uncover exciting watercolor painting techniques from expert artist, Lian Quan Zhen in this start to finish watercolor painting video. Watch and learn as Lian Quan Zhen demonstrates his signature style as he composes and paints a rustic barn scene. This watercolor still life piece features a wide range of techniques and tips including spraying, blowing, and splattering. Lian Quan Zhen uses a variety of unique techniques to create fun effects. He also shows you how to master fundamentals such as masking techniques and strong watercolor underpainting.

This charming landscape is great for artists of all skill levels, over the course of 90 fact-filled minutes you'll recreate this same scene on your own canvas. Move at your own pace and practice different approaches! In this watercolor painting video you'll also learn the ins-and-outs of creating edges, defining values and mix different refence photos together in order to create a stronger composition. Learn how to paint in watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen today with this video.

In the Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Barn Video You'll Learn:

  • How to master watercolor painting techniques such as spraying, blowing and splattering
  • How to paint a rustic barn scene from start to finish
  • Tips and techniques for masking, layering colors and mixing watercolor paints

Preview Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Barn now. In this preview follow watercolor techniques such as splashing, spraying and blowing paint for an exciting and vibrant underpainting, then learn learn tips for refining and defining edges and values with your brushes. Learn how to make a subject come to life right on your page.

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About the Artist: Lian Quan Zhen

Lian Quan Zhen teaches popular painting workshops across the U.S. as well as abroad. He is the author of 3 painting books and his work can be found in many private collections incuding the MIT Museum. His work has been featured in many top publications and he taught outdoor sketching at the University of California Berkely for 8 years.

File Type: MP4 File Size: 700MB Run Time: 90 mins.

SKU W8022
Author/Speaker/Editor Lian Quan Zhen
File Type MP4
Format Download
Runtime 1 hour, 30 minutes

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